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Lock Finger - Smart

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Product Description

.The degree of protection reaches IP65, preventing water and dust
It provides a full range of recognition, high recognition rate, and fingerprint

.storage for up to 20 users

.Portable lock, unique appearance design, small and lightweight
.Made of zinc alloy after casting, streamlined and anti-disassembly design
Multifunctional use, for indoor and outdoor use, gym lockers, suitable for
.suitcases, golf bags, handbags, school lockers, furniture, etc
Color: silver / Product name: fingerprint lock
Waterproof: IP65 - Interface: USB/ Material: alloy steel + zinc alloy

Fingerprint capacity: 20pcs
Unlocking method: semiconductor fingerprint
)Battery: 1 x rechargeable battery (built in
Antistatic: 8-15KW - Size: about 70 x 38mm

Support with Electronic Key : When all Fingerprints verification fail or the User
is not onsite the Electronic Key can be inserted in the USB any fingerprint can

be directly unlocked

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