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SONOFF Smart Stackable Power Meter

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Product Description

SONOFF Stackable Power Meter realizes smart management with overload protection, metadata monitoring and electricity statistics.The SPM-Main communicates with the cloud through Ethernet or WiFi, and communicates with the SPM-4Relays through RS-485, which allows for multi-terminal and stable long-distance data transmission.

Want to know the power consumption changes of each stall? Want to realize the unified management of the whole shopping mall? By checking eWeLink App on your mobile phone, you can monitor the electricity usage without leaving home. Through the eWeLink App, you can obtain the power consumption through a touch.

Once the overload protection is enabled, you do not need to worry about electrical appliances being burned out, which helps remove potential safety hazards. In addition, you can also set the overload delay activated to avoid spurious triggering.One SPM-Main can be connected 32SPM-4Relays. Each SPM-4Relay has 4 isolated channels to help the tenant to solve the problem in electric charge sharing. Each channel can support maximum current of 20A, no fear of high power load.

Get Over 180-day of Energy Usage Data Available SD card local storage. You can insert the SD card into SPM-Main to download and check over 180 days of your energy usage history at any time of the day through HTTP API. No need to worry about missing the important information.

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