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: First: Replacement policy..
We will replace any damaged or inoperative product or any industry defects without any additional costs incurred by the customer after receiving the replacement or recovery request within 14 days of receipt of the product and inspect the product to ensure after receipt from the customer, the replacement process is done within 48 working hours if delivered to the main maintenance center (If the product is burned or broken by the customer, it is replaced with a value of 60% of the price on the company's price list)

Second Product Return Policy and Terms.

· Return policy applies for 14 days from the date of purchase invoice. 1

. There must be valid proof of purchase (invoice, bill of lading. etc.) .2

3. All returned products must be in their original condition (closed in their original purchase packaging with all their accessories)

The products used or incomplete are not returned 4

5. Return products will be inspected and reviewed. If any of the above reasons for return are discovered or any damage caused by misuse or the existence of goods other than their original condition at the time of receipt or without the original packaging of the product, we will regrettably have to cancel the return request

. Third: Installation Policy.
In case of installation through us: If a failure is found, the customer will have the right to visit one free of charge during the warranty period.

IV: Maintenance and warranty policy.
1. Warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase of the product except for the following products:

  •                    warranty period                 
  • subject
  • 24   months except products attached to 6-year warranty mark
  • Smart Home
  •  24  months
  • solar energy products
  • 60 month (five years)
  • Except (Battery + lock body one Year Warranty) Smart Lock Brand Lezn
  •  6    months
  • None brand battery + lock body 
  •  24 months
  • SIB Access Control 
  •  3 months
  • Phone Accessories
  •  3 months
  • Solar  energy Accessories  
Products without warranty
  • Cable cctv, internet & CCTV Charger and Power Supply & Hard Desk & Cctv Accessories & coins, cards & amp; magnatic & bolt & magnetic & 


2. maintenance time Up to 14 working days for guaranteed breakdowns if delivered to the main maintenance centre.

3. Warranty covers free repair or replacement of spare parts in the event of a factory defect for customers that has been dealt with through us or through authorized distributors. Warranty does not mean replacement of the product or return of its value.

4. In case of non-installation through us maintenance work is carried out within the branch and not through a visit.

The warranty service excludes breakdowns resulting from: -

a/Product misuse (fractures, strikes, cutting or exposure to external factors such as high & low voltage, moisture or high heat) or low or high voltage

B/Attempts to install, repair and maintenance by centers not subject to our company

* The invoice approved by the company's seal is the primary guarantee of your rights, and in case of loss the product is considered out of warranty.


* The Company is not responsible for the loss or loss of any other accessories to its products *